We are working hard to produce

Coming to the production workshop, rows of machines are working. “This is an order from the United States, and this is an order from an EU country.” Pointing to the middle row of machines, workshop director Zhang Deman introduced that the company’s products are basically used for export, and the workshop has 92 employees in 4 teams, working from morning to night every day.

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On the afternoon of March 26, the production logistics staff of Haimen Ruiniu Textile Co., Ltd. were instructing the crane driver to move a CNC bending machine to the flatbed truck at the entrance of the workshop. “This was ordered by a customer in Saudi Arabia, and it was sent this afternoon,” the staff member said.

No matter how full the order is, the epidemic prevention and control should not be sloppy. “Give each employee a mask, take their body temperature on and off work, and thoroughly disinfect the production area, living area, and office area every day.” According to the staff, the company adheres to both production and epidemic prevention and control to fully ensure the normal production and operation of the enterprise. conduct.

Post time: Mar-31-2022