How to choose a four piece quilt cover?

At present, with the improvement of people’s requirements for the quality of life, we must choose enough comfortable quilt sets as personal items. How to choose a four piece quilt cover? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

1. The fabric is better

The fabric must be soft and close to the skin. Considering the high temperature in summer and people are easy to sweat, the moisture absorption and permeability of the fabric must be better. Pure cotton fabric is a good choice. The material is natural, hygroscopic, cheap, and there will be no allergy in direct contact with the skin. It is very suitable for use in daily life.

2. Careful observation

When shopping, carefully check the sheets. If you can see clear lines in front of the light, it basically shows that there is no problem with the quality. If you can’t see the lines, it is likely that it is due to too much sizing. Although such sheets are thick to touch, they will be washed several times. After dropping the slurry, the cloth will be easy to wrinkle and difficult to form.

3. High cost performance

The popular silk fabrics in the past two years have the advantages of softness and smoothness, warmth and comfort and excellent skin affinity, but their price is still relatively high for most families, and their moisture absorption is relatively poor, they are not suitable for exposure and sterilization, and it is troublesome to maintain. Therefore, in comparison, pure cotton fabrics have moderate price, strong practicability and high cost performance.

4. Brand selection

Now the bedding market is also mixed. Many businesses use low-quality cotton to reduce costs, so the price is far lower than the market price. In this case, we must polish our eyes and not be tempted by the apparent low price. When selecting a four piece set, carefully check the label information. It is recommended to choose products of big brands with guaranteed quality, and now the prices of big brands such as mercury home textiles are also very close to the people. After all, the four piece set is a just needed product we have to contact every day, so don’t treat yourself badly.

Faced with the problem of how to choose a quilt set of four, there will be no problem in choosing according to the above tips. We must polish our eyes and choose a really comfortable four piece set.

Post time: Sep-26-2021