Deliver goods

Outside the finished product workshop of Haimen Ruiniu Textile Co., Ltd., a forklift was running back and forth, and the packaged goods were loaded onto the truck.
The staff of the foreign trade department of the company stood next to the truck with the invoice, checking the shipment data. This batch of goods is about to be sent to Canada, with a total value of more than 60,000 US dollars. “In the past few days, shipments are being made every day. Yesterday, Russia, the day before yesterday, the United States…” The staff said that although the logistics was slow due to the impact of the epidemic, the company’s orders have been continuous, and the production workshop is running at full capacity every day.

Every day we deliver goods. The delivery volume equals the sales volume, and the sales volume equals the good effect, our bedding sets wholesale to both domestic and overseas market and loved by them. Care you, care your sleep!


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Post time: Mar-10-2022